Professional Handling by Ms. M' Kayla Stahr. Where your dog comes first.

My name is M' Kayla Stahr. I am an All Breed Handler specializing in Herding & Sporting Groups, Offering affordable exceptional professional dog handling. Open to All-Breeds, class dogs and specials. I believe that each dog is a pet before it started its show career and will be a pet after its show career. Shows should be an enjoyable experience for your dog. I started showing dogs when I was 9 working with my mom. Then at 11 I started working as an assistant with AKC Pro Handler.  I have had a very good JR's career. In those almost 8 years I won multiple Groups as well as helping to finish many AKC Champions along the way. I am also so lucky to have so many great friends at the shows. Being a Pro Handler is my dream and I see my dream coming true because of those who believe in me and support me.  M' Kayla

I have openings for upcoming 2019 shows. Please contact me for more information.

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